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Steven Spielberg's Double!

Hi there, welcome to my website! I am not Steven Spielberg but a professional actor and Look-A-Like / impersonator. My real name is Howie Slater.

Harley Davidson Meets Steven Spielberg

With 'Robin Williams'Anaheim, CA. July 19-20.
On Wednesday, I performed for a group of 4000+ Harley Davidson International Dealers from around the world.

Imagine Steven Spielberg and Robin Williams in the 'green room' preparing HD CEO/President Keith Wandell before he speaks to the huge number of attendees. The contrast between Robin's rambling rage and Steven's...


Awards presented for best celebrity impersonators

With 'Cher'The 2011 Celebrity Impersonators Awards red carpet at the Golden Nugget on Feb. 24, 2011.

Article appeared on Las Vegas Weekly.com written by Robin Leach

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Rose Parade 09Rose Parade 09

New Years day in Pasadena, the brilliant California sun shining on me and playing the part of Steven Spielberg directing "Angelina Jolie" and "Brad Pitt" on FTD's float in the Rose Parade. What a wonderful great way to kick off 2009. The float named "The Making of an EPIC" was a spectacular piece of art and engineering.

The Steven Spielberg Impersonator Reel

I have posted a reel with clips of some of my professional work where I've impersonated Steven Spielberg on television, film and commercials.

Spielberg Look-A-Like Pictures

Browse the gallery to see a few photos of me as Steven, working with other celebrity look alikes: "Elton", "Liz Taylor", "Judy Garland", "Hillary Clinton" and others.

Now that you are convinced that I really do look like Director/Producer Steven Spielberg, please contact me.

Thanks for checking in!

- Howie