Steven Spielberg’s Double!

Hi there, welcome to my website! I am not Steven Spielberg but a professional actor and Look-A-Like / impersonator. My real name is Howie Slater.

The Steven Spielberg Impersonator Reel

I have posted a reel with clips of some of my professional work where I’ve impersonated Steven Spielberg on television, film and commercials.

Spielberg Look-A-Like Pictures

Steven Spielberg Impersonator - Howie

Howie Slater as Steven Spielberg

Browse the gallery to see a few photos of me as Steven, working with other celebrity look alikes: “Elton”, “Liz Taylor”, “Judy Garland”, “Hillary Clinton” and others.

Now that you are convinced that I really do look like Director/Producer Steven Spielberg, please contact me.

Thanks for checking in!

– Howie

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