Spielberg Double at 2009 Rose Parade


FTD – The Making of An EPIC – 2009 Rose Parade Float

New Years day in Pasadena, the brilliant California sun shining on me and playing the part of Steven Spielberg directing other Celebrity Impersonators / lookalikes, “Angelina Jolie” and “Brad Pitt” on FTD’s float in the Rose Parade. What a wonderful great way to kick off 2009. The float named “The Making of an EPIC” was a spectacular piece of art and engineering. The exotic design and massive elephants were truly epic.

Big thanks to all the people involved in the making of the float, FTD, the Rose Parade and “Brad” and “Ange” of course. I’ll remember this moment everytime I watch the parade for many New Years to come.

FTD 2009 Rose Parade Float

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