Testimonials for A Spielberg Double

I had the privilege working with Howie Slater/Steven Spielberg at our first annual Celebrity Waiter gala for Perpetual Help Home in Victoria TX.  What a delight!  Howie is a true professional.  Not only did he appear at our fund raiser but he took the time to visit the women at the home and find our what we are all about.  He was so convincing as the celebrity he was representing and spoke so intelligently about our organization at the event.   Howie is an elegant man with a gentle soul.  I so look forward to working with him again!

Jan Mahoney

“As the director of the award winning film Bamboo Shark (starring Academy Award winner Mickey Rooney), I’ve had the unique experience of working with over 40 different celebrity impersonators, including Howie Slater.  Howie is one of the classiest and most professional people I have met, and a true ambassador to the impersonator community as a whole.  Howie has a tremendous sense of humor and his pleasant disposition makes for a wonderful time.  I can’t recommend him enough!”

“When talking about my film Bamboo Shark, one of my favorite stories to tell people is about the time we walked through the lobby of a Las Vegas Hotel with a Steven Spielberg impersonator.  I had worked with quite a few celebrity impersonators, but very few that were the total package.  I mean, this guy was Steven Spielberg.  So here we are in Vegas with my entire film crew walking through the lobby of the hotel with all this equipment, my camera operator carrying the camera and I had the tripod, and we are walking with a guy that looks like Spielberg.  Every eye in the place was watching us and when I returned to the van for a second trip, I was bombarded by tons of people, including the hotel management, asking about what movie Spielberg was filming there.  What a pleasure it was to smile and tell them he was making my film, Bamboo Shark.  I always ended all my conversations with the curious onlookers by telling them the truth, that he was just an impersonator.  Some people were disappointed, while others were shocked at how real that guy looked.”

Dennis Ward
Director, Bamboo Shark

I had the pleasure of working with Howie on my short film        PITCHING LOOSE WOMEN. The story revolves around a man pitching a bizarre fantasy movie to an unknown studio executive.  At the end of the story it is revealed that the studio executive is Steven Spielberg.

The film was submitted for the television show ON THE LOT and received both excellent reviews as well as significant publicity.  The “Spielberg” ending is what really sold it.   Some people actually asked me how I got Steven Spielberg to be in the movie.  Others thought I digitally manipulated the film and cut in footage of Spielberg from another source.  It was all Howie Slater!

He is the very definition of a professional and a joy to have on the set.  Quite simply, Howie is first class.  He came prepared, had a great attitude and always went above and beyond the call of duty.  His enthusiasm and eagerness to contribute his very best was always apparent. During the long shooting day, his sense of humor and his sense of play created a wonderful atmosphere for everyone.

I would work with Howie Slater again in a second.

Brian Ochab
Emmy® nominated director

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